19" LCD Final Decisions


I've been looking through the conflicting reviews again on X-bit and Tom's Hardware. Here's my short list of displays to look at:
* Acer AL1911 or Benq FP992. These are the same displays really. Decent quality. Now just $550 at Newegg. The Benq is slightly ahead as it has DVI and analog inputs. Unfortunately, it is lousy for games and watching videos because of response time issues but just awesome in terms of pretty good color. BTW, both Tom's and Xbit give you ICMs that let you tune the displays so they are true colors.
* Samsung 191T or 191V (if you don't play games). This has digital inputs and is decent quality. Samsung is one of the largest makers of LCDs now, so a good bet. Need to set at 56% brightness and 40% contrast to get best quality. Unlike the Acer/Benq family, it is OK for video, but not great for games. The 191T has been replaced by the 191T+ btw and I'm not sure if they are same panel underneath.
There are some other panels out there that are selling well on Pricegrabber but which I don't have reviews for including:
* Samsung 191T+. Replaces the 191T, but with Samsung, that can mean an entirely different monitor. Caveat Emptor. Its about $25 more.
* Benq 951. I'm not sure what the difference is with the 991. I think it is the same panel, but without the pivot to portrait. In which case, it's a good deal. But I'll keep looking for reviews.

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