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Well, I had thought that the Outlook 2003 spam filter would obviate the need for external spam filters, but either I don't understand it or I it doesn't work well. Basically, it doesn't seem to work in cached mode and it seems to require you to click before it fliters things. In any case, I did a quick search for "Outlook Spam Filter":http://google.com/search?q=outlook+spam+filter and here's what I found:
# "Outlook Spam Filter":http://www.outlook-spam-filter.com/. NOt surprising it is the #1 hit. Bayesian, White and black list, keywords too.
# "Cloudmark":http://www.cloudmark.com/. One of our investments (!!!) Nice that it is the #2 hit.
# "Spam Bully":http://www.spambully.com/. Another commercial package. Similar features with other folks . Bayesian as well.
# "SpamBayes":http://starship.python.net/crew/mhammond/spambayes/. A freeware Bayesian filter. Nice freeware package. Great management tool. Let's you look at multiple inboxes, you can see spam scores as an outlook field. Also, if you drag email from a Junk E-mail or Junk Suspects field, it automatically notices and updates itself.
# "Microsoft Outlook 2003":http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/AnchorDesk/4520-7297_16-5093279.html?tag=adts. A good discussion by Coursey about how Microsoft's filter works.
# "Spam Assassin for Outlook":http://sourceforge.net/projects/saoutlook/. This is an Outlook add-in rather than a server side program. Spam Assassin is an open source spam filtering package. Kind of a cool idea, but hard to figure out how and if it actually works.

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  1. After trying some other Spam Filters from your list on this blog, I was quite frustrated as they didn’t work well for me or were too complicated to install correctly. After trying Spam Bully, I’m very pleased with this product. It works perfectly on my computer. Thanks for the help in fighting spam.

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