Incredible AT&T Wireless Snafu


a little ludwig goes a long way: ATT phone obsoleting. For those of you who have been wondering why AT&T GSM coverage is so horrible. Ludwig explains it. Basically, AT&T launched their GSM in the 1900 MHz range, but then built out their older 850 MHz TDMA spectrum, so now they really need phones that are dual band (1900/800MHz) to really work effectively.
Of course that means that you really want the newest AT&T phones only. Sigh. What a mess.

One Reply to “Incredible AT&T Wireless Snafu”

  1. You have only just begun your journey into AT&T hell. There GSM network is half the TDM network and they are advertising it as twice as good. I will be making suit as to FTC violations ie false advertising. They are due to eat the dirt they walk on. Organized oposition to there continued existence as a corporation is about to emerge. You can only lie to the people for so long and then they will vote with there feet. Remember the Edsel.

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