Cool devices: e-dimensional 3d glasses and ir pointer


OK, so if you're playing a bunch of games, what are the cool peripherals to get now?
* "E-D Glasses": These give you a three dimensional view of your game. Really does work mainly because there are essentially only ATI and nVidia left for gamers, so they can focus the driver work. nVidia includes a stereo driver as part of its base load. Really amazing and great reviews.
* "Track IR2": This is also from e-dimensional. With it, if you just nod to the left, the screen automatically flips to the left. Amazing for flight simulators and first person shooters. Imagine, if you could glance left and see the bad guy. How cool. It's also just $99 from E-dimensional. Cool toys.
I'm going to give them both a try.

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  1. i don no most glasses and motion sensors ive bought and seen are either ripoffs or nothing like they say they are

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