Call of Duty: 48 Hours Later


Well, I've gotten Call of Duty and gone through it. Nice thing is that in single player mode, it is fast to get through. It is one of those games that at first seems just completely amazing, but as I play more, I realize it is a very sophisticated Doom. It is sort of like playing Battlefield:1942. Feels incredibly realistic in visual look, but tactically it is anything but.
Unlike Ghost Recon, it is not about being accurate, but about hitting things. Good example are the health packs. Not like you see these on the real battlefield. In that way, I love more realistic simulations like Ghost Recon better, but they are definitely harder to play and more "boring." No running along just blasting away.
On the other hand, the use of the Quake 3 engine is amazing. Most fun are things like riding in a truck and taking potshots at things. Another example is the arcade-like experience of driving a tank. The most realistic of these in my opinion is the beginning of the Russian series, where you get a clip of ammunition and that is all and they then send you into battle to pick up something there. Amazing, but apparently quite true.
Here are some other mods that people are working on. I'm amazed at the energy people put into these things:
* Eastern Front Mod - A Call of Duty Modification. This is an Eastern Front scenario.
* "Market Garden": Not yet out yet, but this is a scenario for Operation Market Garden.

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  1. the true brilliance of the game is in the online play. go join one of the games at random and get ready to snipe away. you will quickly have to form an opinion about “bunny hopping” — a key strategy, or the pathetic behaviour of a totally lame player?

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