Portable Basketball Backboards


Well, the boys want a basketball hoop. Another great example of how trying a sport like B-ball creates a lifelong interest. Anyway, we don't have room for a full hoop (although I tried lobbying for that!). Instead, a portable one seems like the ticket, but which one to buy?
* "Gart Sports Guide":http://www.gartsports.com/info/index.jsp?categoryId=222829&backTo=686679&savePath=711651.726616&infoType=infosport. Gart is a big retailer in our area. They have a pretty good guide to what to look for. Main things are to look for something portable. Looks like we'll want something with a rectangular backboard (easier shots) and that is adjustable.
* "Garts Portable Backboard":http://www.gartsports.com/family/index.jsp?filter=yes&fCat=726616&categoryId=726616&cp=711651.&fgender=&fbrandid=&fpricesort=priceAscending. They have a huge selection online. Not super pratical as shipping charges are $40-100.
* "Lifetime 1594 Acrylic 42 inch":http://www.gartsports.com/product/index.jsp?productId=686679&cp=711651..726616&fCat=726616&fpricesort=priceAscending&filter=yes&parentPage=family. This seems to be the least expensive portable that has adjustment. Also a clear acrylic hoop as well. $230.
* "Lifetime 71552 44 inch":http://www.gartsports.com/product/index.jsp?productId=966017&cp=711651..726616&fCat=726616&fpricesort=priceAscending&filter=yes&parentPage=family. This is also $230, but is a fan shaped backboard. The adjustment is a nicer counterbalanced one so you don't need a broom to adjust.
* "Lifetime 42531 44 inch acrylic":http://www.gartsports.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1025134&cp=711651..726616&fCat=726616&filter=yes&fpricesort=priceAscending&page=2&pageBucket=0&parentPage=family. This one is $250, but has a slam-it rim so that it breaks instead of the backboard.
As a quick comparison, google search for portable basketball system or portable basketball hoop got me:
* "Hit Run Score":http://www.hitrunscore.com/67748-sure-shot-portable-basketball-systems.html. They sell a Sure Shot 67749 for $225 with $100 shipping. It is 48" backboard, so bigger, High adjusts as well.
* "Sports Unlimited Inc":http://www.sportsunlimitedinc.com/lifetimeport.html. They have a Lifetime 71935 for $280. Also 44 inch. Quikclift tile and a 3.5" pole plus a breakaway rim, so comparable to the Lifetime 71552

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  1. i was in same boat, thinking portable was ticket. But look around neighborhood and see how many portables are actually being used. Most portables dont play well and can even be dangerous, especially on windy days. I opted to make room and got a Goalrilla set. Goalrilla comes in all price ranges and is easy to install. You make a permanent installation of a concrete base and the goal bolts to the base so you can theoretically at least take it with you if you move. But they make the best set for the price and it can be adjusted low for the little guys. my 3 boys love it. best 900.00 i spent

  2. Great point. I would have loved to have gotten a permament one, but there isn’t any space for it. And the WAF (wife acceptance factor) was a big one.
    The portable one is in no way as good as permanent, so I’get a permanent if you can, but the portable one works well.

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