Tom’s Hardware Guide Games & Entertainment: Far Cry Comes Close to a Perfect Game – Tech Demos Making Gaming Memories.. I’m beginning to curse Ludwig. My goodness what amazingly cool games he finds. First there was Battlefield 1942, then Call of Duty and now Far Cry.
This new one really pushed the graphics card hard. Probably means my next update (we are going to upgrade Calvin’s machine this time) is going to need a spanking new nVidia 6800 (NV40 engine) card in it and the amazing AMD Athlon 64 given its incredible game performance.

3 responses to “Far Cry: Another Cool Game”

  1. Denis Avatar

    Check out this GeForce 6800 Ultra review on Hardware Analysis ( – they have FarCry screenshot running on the new card. I had a chance to see it live and it is pretty incredible. Those palm shadows move as palms move in the wind. Makes things look so much more realistic.

  2. heather Avatar

    Bob just bought this game a few weeks ago and loved it. He has already beat it, but he said it was one of the best games he’s ever played.

  3. a little ludwig goes a long way Avatar

    Far Cry
    Tong Family Blog: Far Cry: Another Cool Game — latest time waster here on our home network. It has pretty much wiped out the ATI 9600 on one machine, while the 9800 on another machine is surviving but constant game…

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