Cool guy I met today Jon


"Jon Kertzer": knows so much about african music. You should check his show on KEXP.
Its interesting to see how hard it is to find experts on a given topic. For instance a search for google:"African Music" leads you to quite a bit of junk. There is a something called "African Music Encyclopedia": that pops up, but it doesn't really give you programming of new music. Most of the sites seem so focused on search when the issue is programming. I don't know what I want, so give me something to listen to.
These are either stuck in audio archives and not searchable or are just massive catalogs. Its interesting that there don't appear to be many blogs that merge music programming (e.g., check this out), with the ability to sample and then buy. Maybe another trend?

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  1. I met Jon working on the Windows 95 CD Sampler project. He has a lot of contacts in the music industry and was a real fountain of knowledge. Nice to see what he’s been up to.

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