Gallery v1.4.3 is now Available! :: Gallery :: your photos on your website. I haven’t added to my photo gallery in forever. Of course, this means that all that software is old.
Biggest pain is that since the move to a new backend server set at tqhosting, I’ve never been able to logon. Sigh, I’ll install and then try to see if I can clear the passwords.
Turns out that if you install a new version, it resets the admin password, so this is the easiest way to fix things. BTW, the features on 1.4.3 are really awesome. In particular:
# Styles. They now have lots of cool styles. I’m using the spiral notebook. Looks much better.
# Registration. They built a whole user registration system in so people can register rather than me having to give everyone logins. Best thing is that they have a password lookup feature to email, so folks have a chance of remembering their passwords.
# Voting. They have voting buttons so folks can vote on various pictures.

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