MediaWiki Usage


MediaWiki development. Well, I loaded this up on "Tongfamily": Now the question is how to use it. Here are some notes:
* "User Guide":'s_Guide. Naturally, the documentation is itself in Wiki format, so here it is. The main interesting things are that you can edit any page you want. The default is there is no user permissions at all.
* "Markup Language":'s_Guide:_Editing_overview. Main advantage of a Wiki is that they have a specialized markup language that makes it easy to add things. It looks a little like Textile, but is not quite the same. For instance pound sign means do a number list and an asterisk means a bullet. The main difference is this idea of an internal Wiki link that you can forward link to with a pair of square brackets.
* "Strange things":'s_Guide:_Using_tables. The table syntax is just amazingly complicated. All this markup reminds me of the old days of LaTEX and nroff. I bet there are Wiki WYSIWYG editors now that I look at this.