Firefox: Review after 2 weeks


I've been using Firefox for two weeks now. Some really great features. Here are the highlights. The net is that it is as nice as Opera in many respects, but has a better customization model and better compatibility with sites. Here are the high lights:
* Tabbed browsing. A small feature, but I really like it. Too many Windows with IE IMHO.
* Firefox Help: Mouse Shortcuts. I actually didn't know that IE had all the shortcuts like Shift-Wheel-Up means back and Ctrl-Wheel-Up means bigger font. That's cool. Or Shift-Left-Click means open in a new windows. Still, Firefox add a bunch more like Middle Click means open a new tab.
* "Extensions": These are just amazing. There are some wonderful ones. My favorites are RSS Reader to read weblogs, CSS editor so you can change CSS and it appears on the site. ChatZilla which puts IRC right into the browser. And the best is All in one gesture that adds Opera-like mouse gestures (you know, click the mouse and move to the left goes back, etc.).
The biggest missing feature is restart sessions later. That means you can browse ho and then shutdown and the browser puts you back exactly where you were. Love that in Opera.

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