Cool new Laptops


Well, my trusty Compaq N600c is now dead (it doesn't recognize batteries) and my old Toshiba 3440 gave up the ghost long ago. I thought for a while I didn't need a laptop, but what to do on business trips, so in the market for new ones:
* Two Hot VAIO Laptops States-Bound: X505 and A Series. A series is 1.85 pounds but has no CD/DVD drive. I need one of those for movies on the plane and most importantly for restoring after a crash.

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  1. Rich, I just bought my wife a Vaio PCG-TR3AP2 for her birthday and it’s great! 3 lbs with built in CD-RW/DVD, 1GB RAM, 802.11 b/g, Firewire/USB2, nice screen, and 5 hrs. battery life (11 with extended battery). They also have an AP3 version for $500 more that has DVD-RW capability, but that wasn’t worth it to me. Bought from NewEgg for good price and got good service.

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