Textpattern Installation


_Don't you love those packages that don't stick a how to install somewhere up front. Here's what I've been able to glean:
# Textpattern Support Forum / I am lost Help!!!. Download textpattern_g118a, unzip it (I'm assuming you're on Windows.) Set up a MySQL database w/ your host (mine had cPanel which let me set it up). Open up your textpattern directory two levels down. You should see a file called Textpattern, one called Images, and some other files. Use an FTP program (everyone recommends Smart FTP, I think, I use Ace, both are free) to open the folder on your site marked www. Now upload the Textpattern and Images folder and the other files to this (root) directory. Close FTP, open your browser, go to your address blah.com_or_whatever/textpattern/setup.php. Now my memory gets fuzzy, especially the order of things. I had to input the name of my database, for me it was something like hass_ , my name and password for getting into that database, the URL of my host where it said something like MySQL server, and a name and password and email for using textpattern. It took a few tries to get it all right, textpattern told me if something was wrong and let me try again. I had to copy the contents of a form box and replace my config.php file contents with it. If you do everything right it says. If that went well, it asks you to delete the setup.php file from your SERVER (not from your PC) in the folder marked Textpattern. Then you can start to figure out Textpattern, it takes time. Good luck.
* "TextPattern Tutorial":http://tp.douglasedmunds.com/article/12/toot---part-1. The product is a little strange, so you have to go through this tutorial to use it.