Dress Shoes and Coupons


Well, I also hate shopping for dress shoes, but fortunately, I always am the same size. Here's a great way to do it:
* "Shoebuy":http://shoebuy.com. Top rated by BizRate, these guys have a big selection. The prices are just typical list prices you'd find at "Nordstroms":http://nordstroms.com though there is no shipping charge.
* !! Best ShoeBuy Coupons !!. This turbo charges the deal. They have a whole series of coupons that are tracked by Best-online-coupons.com. Saved me nearly 30%!

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  1. the beauty tho of nordstroms.com is in returns. if you decide you don’t like the shoes you can just drop them off at the nearest nordstroms and get your credit. a lot easier than return shipping for me at least

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