iRiver iGP-100 – Convenience, Continued. Well, there are other iPod mini competitors now. This one uses a 1.5gb hard drive and is half the price of the mini.
Also plays MP3, WMF and even Ogg Vorbis (my personal favorite right now!).
Also connects as a USB hard drive to Windows, so no special software is required. Pretty ugly though and I’m sure the user interface is terrible.
I need to start trying some of these digital music players.

7 responses to “iPod Competitor: the iRiver iGP 100”

  1. Rich Tong Avatar

    I’ve heard much the same from lots of people. Getting a refurbished ipod makes some sense given the cost.
    I also agree the ipod mini is kind of small. Seems like there needs to be some sensible caching scheme.
    Like you, I use to get CDS (which BTW have much higher quality music) than AAC that iPods use. They are much cheaper on a cost per track basis assuming you want the whole album.

  2. debbiechong Avatar

    I considered other MP3, HD music players and finally bought a 40G Ipod refurb from Apple. Seriously considered iRiver but the reviews regarding software and hardware were serious negatives even though the iRiver was less expensive. I have not found the Windows Media Player very intuitive to use (although I am in the software industry, a Windows fanatic and MS Certified Developer company) as I run into the digital rights restrictions although I have rights to the music that I ripped.
    The availability and selection of aftermarket add-ons (the Ipod is inexpensive in relation to the case(s),car, chargers,home audio, etc.) was key to the choice besides usable interface. Apple has done a good job of making Ipod work for MS PC users (and there are quite a few aftermarket programs for PC users) re USB and iTunes. Battery life is disappointing but I have a third-party power pack that uses AAs for long flights, etc.
    Never thought I would buy an Apple product, but this is one that they truly marketed well and made easy for the average consumer. Love the audiobooks from Audible (especially the free ones).
    iTunes store could have better searching capabilities for those of us who love the 70’s rock to sample new music. A free download once a week from iTunes gets you back and enticing you to buy. However, used CDs from Amazon Marketplace is a better way to fill the extra 34G I still have. Ipod is the best razor-blade marketing application I have experienced, just keep on dropping 99 cents in the bin to get another song.
    Smart playlists make it easy to manage what one wants to listen to either at the desk or on the go.
    Spent two days while watching TV/videos ripping my 120+ CD collection. The Ipod makes it easy to play all of one’s CD collection anywhere without having to “shlepp” them from here to there.
    Ipod Mini is too limited regarding storage unless one wants to really only have a few tunes available. After having all my music available anywhere in one handheld, it is hard to go back to less!

  3. vehicle tracking Avatar

    i also tried the competitors, in particular the dell version. was awful. and roll on itunes 100th million download too…tells you something.

  4. erik Avatar

    I love the Rio Karma. Had an iPod and liked it but the Karma for me is superior.
    better:battery (15hrs),player playlist, generation,file support (FLAC–my choice–OGG MP3 WMA),cradle (rca output)
    warranty (3 months),computer software (itunes good, RIO musicmgr bad, scroll wheel
    Need CDs Converted?

  5. Olivier Travers Avatar

    I like my Archos Gmini 220, and I recommend it to anyone who’s looking not only for an mp3 player but also to empty their CF cards while they’re on the road taking digital pictures.

  6. a little ludwig goes a long way Avatar

    Ipod knockoffs
    Rich wants to try some Ipod knockoffs.  As I commented, my experience with the dell and gateway variants was bad — terrible UI.  And my kenwood phatdisk in the car has miserable UI too — I’d have been better off…

  7. John Ludwig Avatar

    i tried the dell and gateway competitors. the user interface was sooooooooo bad. i gave up and we are a 4 ipod family now.

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