What Memory to Get?

As usual, Anandtech has done an incredible job with its “guides”:http://http://anandtech.com/guides/ to buying PCs. I agree with most of the recommendations. Right now I’m getting a high-end system for video and photo editing and printing and another mid-range system for Calvin. Calvin’s old computer is dead and that means our backup now goes to my […]

Cooler Athlon XPs

While working on Bill’s Athlon 64, I discovered there are some things you can do for hot Athlon XPs. In the same “SilentPC”:http://forums.silentpcreview.com/viewtopic.php?p=64530 piece, but there are some utilities that allow an Athlon XP to actually halt when idle. Apparently Windows XP doesn’t do this, so you need a special little utility to do it […]

Bill's Computer Unstable

Got down to San Diego. _I know, I know, guide to Beijing/Shanghai and San Diego are coming soon._ Anyway, checked out Bill’s Athlon 64 3200+ Shuttle SN85G4 is unstable after about 5 minutes. Here’s how to diagnose. Essentially, after about 5 minutes of running flat out, the machine hard shuts down. No windows error, the […]

Military Reading List

Military Books – Recommended Military Reading Lists. I admit it, I’m a student of military history as our family knows all so well. There are lots of books out there that aren’t of the usual blood and guts sort. Like all such things, there aren’t great recommendation sites. Here’s a great one. Organized by service […]

Guide to Notebooks: August

I haven’t covered notebooks before as this is a big topic and don’t buy many, but with the model change to Dothan, they are becoming pretty interesting. Given the performance improvments of the new Intel chips (AMD doesn’t play in mobile much), you should probably wait until notebook folks swap to the new 7xx series […]

Monitor Calibration

How do you make sure the red you scanned in, looks the same as the red you see on the monitor and the red you print? Welcome to the arcane world of color management and calibration. Some good guides are: * “About.com”:http://photography.about.com/library/weekly/aa031003e.htm. A good basic tutorial on how to set your monitor (6500 Kelvin, 2.2 […]

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