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  1. I’ve been using FSA compact cranks on my road bike for a couple of months and really like the gear ratios. I’m using a 50×36, rather than the standard 50×34, because my old crankset was a 53×42 and I wanted less of a jump between chainrings than the 34.
    As it turns out, I find the 50 very useful; with a 13×25 9 speed cogset I can go 14 or 15 mph in the 50t ring with a decent cadence, allowing me to stay in the big ring much more. The 36 tooth ring gives me much better gearing choices for climbs, and I don’t run out of gears very often as used to be the case (there are a couple 14 percent climbs in my area).
    I had thought I might need to switch to a 12×23 cogset as I got fitter over the summer but it turns out I don’t need a 12 for the riding I do (no more racing, and a 50×13 will take me over 30 mph in a fast paceline).
    The shift from the 50 to the 36 is touchier than my old 53×42, and the front derailleur adjustment is very finicky (Dura Ace 9 speed); I may try the new Campy front derailleur for compact cranks when it’s released.
    Since I had to replace my old square taper spindle bottom bracket, I went with the ISIS version of the FSA crankset along with the FSA Platinum Pro Ti bottom bracket, and so far everything has been solid.

  2. I also have the FSA carbon compact cranks that I replaced my Dura-Ace 53/39 with this summer. I went to the French Alps with my bike and did not have that much time to train. I went to a 50/34 and it was great going up Alpe d’Huez. I normally use a 12/25 but switched to a 13/27 for the climb up Alpe d’Huez. I also have a 12/23 that I may switch to for riding around home.
    I like the FSA carbon cranks so much, two other bikes in my family also switched. The cranks are light, stiff, and beautiful.
    I have the FSA Platinum ISIS bottom bracket (steel spindle).

  3. Wow, great advice, 50/34 is a great gearing for normal folks. Also I’ve heard great things about FSA. I’ve broken quite a few carbon parts particularly bars, so it is good to hear the cranks are pretty durable.
    Do you know if FSA is compatible with the 10-speed Campy?

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