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With really cool Symbian apps, I need to get a Symbian phone. Interesting to see which ones you can actually buy in the US:
* Symbian OS phones:. Here is the list from the horses mouth. Amazing how few Symbian phones there really are.
* "Symbian by Operator": A nice little application that tells you where you can buy handsets by geography.
* "Nokia 6600": is the only modern symbian handset in the US right now according to this and its $99 🙁
* "Nokia 6620": is an EDGE phone and a little older v7.0 "Symbian, its $300 or so from AT&T Wireless.
* Nokia 6630. This is their next EDGE phone. Symbian OS v8.0, 1.2Mpixel camera, 74Mb memory, but it is a pretty big phone. This one has stereo speaker plumbing as well. Pretty cool, but not clear when it will come to the US.
* Panasonic X700. A nice candy bar phone, Symbian OS v7.0s, not c

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  1. I’ve had a Nokia 6600 for since mid-June (got it when had it for free after $350 rebate – WOW!).
    Pros: Very cool apps with lots of them at pretty reasonable prices. I’ve used the Tube app that gives directions on world subways (the Tokyo one has useful animation — too bad that Japan doesn’t do GSM, since I have to carry my Japanese phone and my Nokia). 🙁 Opera for the 6600 is also very nice, though the UI is confusing. It’s also nice having the ability to store apps on an MMC card (I upgraded my phone to a 256MB card, so lots of room for apps, ringtones, photos, and video).
    Cons: The phone takes FOREVER to boot up — it’s almost as bad as waiting for XP. If you ever have an emergency when your phone is off, you’ll need life insurance because by the time the phone comes on, you’ll be history. Also, the phone uses MMC, NOT SD (unless you’re handy with an x-acto knife and want to do some funky surgery on your phone), so you need to do some searching to find this dying digital memory format. Finally, the video software that comes with the phone limits each video to 8 seconds, even if you have more memory, so you have to buy another video app to get full functionality if you want to do that.
    Overall, I like the 6600 a lot, despite my gripes. Battery life is good, phone reception is fine (neither remarkably good or bad), and the features are cool.
    BTW, If you buy the 6620 from AT&T Wireless (as you probably already know), you’re actually signing with Cingular (since AWE sold out).
    One other carrier issue: T-Mobile has the most reasonable policy about unlocking your SIM card in case you want to use local prepaid cards while you’re traveling abroad (to cut down on roaming charges). We’ve done this in Australia, and it worked great!

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