Kryptonite locks are not…


I have one of these Kyptonite locks for my bike. How depressing when this happens.
Here net is from "Kryptonite":
Kryptonite U-locks with a typical cylinder lock can be opened in seconds with a common BIC plastic pen.
Videos of how to do it have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times from websites in the last few days.
After inserting the open end of the pen where the round key goes, several wiggles pop the lock.
Kryptonite has moved quickly to supply a solution. If you own one of its many vulnerable U-locks, you can
get a free or discounted crossbar that isn't so easily picked. The details are at
Meanwhile, the word is out. If you have a Kryptonite U-lock that uses a round key, don't trust it to protect
your bike.