Maxthon is great

Maxthon Plugins @ Been trying a bunch of alternative web browsers. IE progress has just been so slow. Maxthon seems to be the best of both worlds, its IE compatible since it uses the IE engine, but it has all the features like tabbed browsing, popup blocking, mouse gestures and plugins that I love in Opera and Firefox.
Give it a try. Used to be called Myie2 and is a great example of a “stealth”: play. Use the compatibility of IE and then add lots of features.

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    Firefox Vs Maxthon Pt. I
    For the last couple of years, my browser of choice has been Maxthon (formerly MyIE2). For those of you who haven’t used Maxthon, it’s basically Internet Explorer on steroids. It is a tabbable browser with a large range of advanced features…

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