MMC vs. SD and “”: We are getting Nokia 6620 for various demonstrations and need a big memory card. It takes MMC, but I’ve never understood the difference with SD until now.
Basically SD is newer and has a higher transfer rate, but has some mysterious copy protection scheme. They are the same shape, so you should be able to use either. Unfortunately, the Nokia has a MMC reader so the newer SD won’t read right. (SD readers can handle MMC, but MMC readers can’t handle SD). “Symbian Forums”: has a thread on what MMC cards work in 6600 and 6620 Nokias.
“Justin Castle”: has a good pricing overview as well. Shows that the current pricing as of October is a sweet spot of 512MB and that with volumes, the SD cards are actually cheaper now than MMC because they are used by more devices, but I don’t know if the slightly bigger SD will actually fit in a Nokia 6620 (btw the prices below are in UK pounds). The main issue is that the case is slightly thicker at 2.1mm vs. 1.4mm.
The other change is that the SD cards have a bunch of different variants. The first SD cards read at 10Mbps vs. 2.5Mbps for MMC. But there is now the Ultra II SD whic writes at 9Mbps (45x) and the XS SD that writes at 10Mpbs (66x). So judging by this, it probably makes sense to get a 512MB XS given the low price different (only about 6 pounds more). So if you have a phone with SD, get SD, otherwise, jam for a good MMC.
| Size | SD | MMC |
| 128MB | 11.99 (Amazon) | 10.99 (Amazon) |
| 256MB | 17.61 (Amazon) | 21.95 (Expansys) |
| 512MB | 32.95 (Expansys) | 34.99 (Amazon) |
| 1024MB | 59.99 (Amazon) | 75.99 (Amazon) |
| 256MB Ultra II | 32.40 (Pic Stop) | |
| 512MB Ultra II | 52.35 (Blank Media | |
| 256MB XS | 25.99 (Amazon) | |
| 512MB XS | 38.99 (Amazon) | |
| 1024MB XS | 69.99 (Amazon) | |

3 responses to “Need MMC for Nokia 6620”

  1. Rich Tong Avatar

    Yeah I know. I have 4 phones on T-mobile and just love them. We are mainly getting these AT&T Wireless phones because they support EDGE which is a much faster data rate. They are mainly demo phones. When T-mobile gets the new 6630 or 6650, then that will be when I move most likely.
    Great points, Bruce. Hope things are well.

  2. Bruce Avatar

    You’re stuck with MMC (it is slightly different shape/size than SD and the SD won’t work on my 6600, so I assume that it won’t work on your 6620 either. BTW, I much prefer T-Mobile over AT&T Wireless since the former has a reasonable attitude towards unlocking your phone (I just bought a local SIM in Spain and was making local calls at local rates), while the latter is completely unreasonable (won’t unlock your phone even after your contract has expired).

  3. Bruce Avatar

    Sorry, but you’re stuck with MMC (SD is slightly different shape/size and won’t work in the Nokia 6620 (I had the same experience in my 6600). BTW, I still wouldn’t go with AT&T Wireless because of their unwillingness to unlock the SIM on your phone. T-Mobile is by far the most reasonable about this, and I just enjoyed traveling to Spain, buying a local prepaid SIM card, and making local calls on my Nokia 6600 at local Spanish rates. Muy excelente! AT&T Wireless won’t unlock your SIM even after your contract expires.

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