Final Fix for Blackberry 7230, Windows XP SP2 and Outlook 2003


Well its taken forever to figure out how to fix the various problems. There are lots of postings. I basically got the install problem to work with XP SP2, but I've been unable to synchronize because when I go to the Desktop Manager and choose Intellisync/Configure PIM/Address Book/Choose/Browse, I don't get an folder enumerated. Also, there is an error generated in the ptrace.log file in the Blackberry folder
_(BTW, a quick thing to do is to move this magic folder out the Application Data area up to My Documents because you'll be looking at it a lot)_
In the ptrace.log, I see a sea of errors that look like:

D:\Work\Mav1039513_301\dev\ilxolk2\olkapi\pumapist.cpp line 355
Sun Oct 24 22:49:41 2004: Error 0.30042 at D:\Work\Mav1039513_301\dev\ilxolk2\olkapi\pumaufs.cpp line 125
Sun Oct 24 22:49:41 2004: Error 30042.30042 at D:\Work\Mav1039513_301\core\sync_sdk\il_sdk\sdk_data.cpp line 2223
Sun Oct 24 22:49:41 2004: Error 30042.30042 at D:\Work\Mav1039513_301\core\sync_sdk\il_sdk\callback.cpp line 3111

These seem to say that somewhere inthe Pumasync that Blackberry has licensed, it is having a heart attack.
Well, it turns out that the problem is that you can corrupt some of the settings particularly when the profile you have for Exchange is in cached mode, so the fix is to create a new profile just for the Blackberry. Go to Control Panel/Switch to Classic View/Mail/Show Profiles/Copy and copy your current profile to a new one called say, "uncached for blackberry"
Then go to click on that profile and choose Properties/Email Accounts/View or Change Existing Email Accounts/Next/Change and unclick the Use Exchange Cache Mode button (yes, I know, what a user interface!).
Now start the Desktop Manager and Choose Configure PIM/Choose/Options and select the "uncached for blackberry" profile and press ENTER. Now choose Browse and you should be able to see the hierarchy and the bug is fixed.
You have to go to each entry Calender, Notes, Tasks and do the same Choose/Options and select the profile.
If this doesn't work, you can restart the whole process by deleting the Blackberry folder found in Desktop Manager/Options/Data Folder Settings and try again as above


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