Daring Fireball: Markdown. We’ve been using Textile 2 for a while as the markup languages for all of our blogs. I see now that using Markdown, so it is an interesting language to try.
Textile is great and powerful, but hard to teach folks the more sophisticated stuff.
BTW, this is another amazing script that is 22KB!

2 Replies to “Markdown”

  1. I read the markdown documentation, did i read it right, there is no easy syntax for tables? that and lists are all i used textile2 for, that is a bummer.

  2. Yes you read that right. Does make it pretty useless doesn’t it. I really don’t like the way Textile 2 does tables as a default (it now drops the borders). Textile 1’s original defaults were better.
    Enough said, I do use Textile 2 for various things like blockquotes, italics, small/large fonts and it is pretty natural for that.
    The syntax for images is also nice, but the CSS you need to inject is just plain wierd.

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