We are looking for a new notebook standard at “Ignition”: I’m partial to the build-it-yourself models that ASUS has. I have the older M3N and it is just as good as any other that I’ve seen (Dell and IBM thin and light), but you spec exactly what you want. Here are some reviews; * ASUS […]

Textile 2 does that

Brad Choate: MT-Textile does that???. We use Textile 2.0 on this site. Still learning some of the amazing features. The float left and float right are great, but I still can’t get tables to work as well as with the first Textile. Textile(tm) drew a dark line by default, but this Textile 2 doesn’t seem […]

Software I would Pay For

The list isn’t very long, but since I’m at it (and it is the holiday season), here’s a list of software that I would (and have) paid for over the last year. Amazing utility for little cost: * “DBPowerAMP”: I’ve only been using this for a short while, but it is amazing in that it […]

LAME presets

mp3dev They’ve been changing the presets in Lame. With 3.96, the names changes from –alt-preset to just –preset. Here is a quick list: h3. –preset medium This preset should provide near transparency to most people on most music. The resulting bitrate should be in the 150-180kbps range, according to music complexity. h3. –preset standard This […]

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