Negative Conversion


My Minolta-Konica Dimage 5400 scanner only produces 16 bit scans in negative mode. So, you get an inverted picture. How depressing. Works find in 8-bit mode, but why the heck pay so much for a scanner if you only get 24-bit (3 colors x 8-bits) and not the full 48-bit range. So how to fix this?
Here is how I did it in Photoshop Elements 2.0 after some experimentation:
* Open the TIF file that is the negative
* Choose Image/Adjustments/Invert
* Choose Image/Adjustments/Equalize
This isn't documented, but Equalize seems to be the way to get the orange mask in negatives out.
Three Easy Ways of Negative Conversion. Took a while to find this site, but with Photoshop Elements, you can do the following:
If you just invert the color it doesn't work because negatives have an orange cast in them (for some technical reason that I don't understand, but "Alex": loves since he loves orange).
But here is the way to fix this:
Method 1 (easy) in Photoshop
# Load the scan that is in negative mode
# Enter the menu command: Enhance, Auto Levels
# Enter the menu command: Image, Adjust, Invert (Ctrl-I)
This works because Auto Levels fixes the Orange (which becomes Blue in the positive world btw).
Here is a more elaborate way:
# Load the negative scan
# Open the curves dialog (Ctrl-M).
# Press the Auto button. This sets the black-white points for each of the 3 color channels and eliminates the orange mask.
# Open the red channel.
# Grab the black anchor point and drag it to the top of the graph.
# Grab the white point and drag it to the bottom of the graph. This inverts the red channel.