Nokia 6620 Unlocking


Going to Europe, so will need to use a prepaid card. Here are various sites that unlock the 6620 courtesy of google:”6620 unlock”:
* Nokia Unlock, Symbian 3600,3620,6600,6620 and 7650 Unlock – GSMLOCKER. They charge $15 and can do it remotely.
* “”: These folks charge $9 for the same service. Pretty high google rank, but who knows if it will work.
* “”: This free site has zillions of free themes, ringtones, etc. And also folks who are giving unlock codes out too in their “nokia”: forum.
* “Nokiafree”: Thereis a unlock code generator. But I can’t quite understand all the parameters and you only have five tries to get the unlock code right. There is also an “online”: version of the unlocker as well.
Amazingly, I downloaded the v3.10 of the unlocker, got a bunch of codes and the first code actually unlocked the sim card for free. Wow!