Another hat tip to iPod lounge, some more undocumented commands:
* iPodlounge | All Things iPod Q: How can I check my iPod’s Hard Drive for Errors like running Scan Disk?
A: There iPod has a special Disk Scan utility that can be used to check the hard drive. Follow these steps:
* Do a Reset – Press the Menu Pause/Play buttons until the Apple logo comes up.
* At the Apple logo, press the REW, FF, Menu and “Action” (the center) buttons.
* The iPod will begin to go through a disk scan. At the end you will be presented with a Disk icon with a check mark or a sad iPod icon. If you get a sad iPod icon you need to send your iPod in for repair.
“Defragmentation”: Q: Do I need to defragment my iPod’s hard drive?
A: Apple does not recommend running disk utilities like Norton Speed Disk, Disk Scan and Disk Defragmenter. It’s not really needed as the drive is not written to and erased nearly as much as a typical hard drive. If you’re emphatic about cleaning up your drive it’s best just to do a full Restore with the Apple Software Updater. This reformats the drive (defragmenting it in the process) and has the added benefit of creating a new clean iPod database which over extended periods of use can get corrupted.
_Personally I find this hard to believe, everything gets fragmented, but I bet there are bugs if you really drive the iPod hard with Speed Disk_

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