Neil’s World – Defragging your iPod. Well, the whole iPod seems shrouded in mystery is actually just a FAT32 file system with some magic directories.
If you plug the iPod into a PC, it comes up as a hard drive. iTunes also comes up, but you can actually see the drive.
They don’t let you see the music, because they are in hidden files, but since it is FAT32 (if you formatted it for the Mac, it uses the Unix hard drive format).
So in the directory \ipod_control are a bunch of music directories.
This also means that you can defrag the iPod as well. Mines was pretty defragmented, although the firmware does a nice job of spraying the files around so that they don’t fragment as much as the default FAT32 allocation does on Windows.
Still if you want the maximum battery life, you should defragment.
BTW, this makes it easier for me to see how all these utilities work. They just go to the hidden directories and work their magic.

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