Last Minute Shopping


"Hoops": said he had a bit of quick shopping to do. It is amazing how you can still get things online and quasi-online just a few days before Christmas. Here are notes for last minute shoppers:
* "": This is the cyber outlet for Fry's. So if you don't feel like jetting over to Fry's, then you can use this site. In this case, we were able to get something ordered at 3PM that would make it on the 10AM next day delivery. Wow, I'm amazed if that happens, they charged just $13 extra for overnight, so that's super reasonable. Also, the phones were answered quickly. A good choice.
* "": This site ties their online site with their stores, so you can check store inventory and actually see if something is available. They even let you order online and then pickup in the store. Nice if you don't have time to get right out there, but you can bag it online and then get to store at your leisure. They show the stock at all the regional stores here which is amazingly cool.