Chaintech VNF3-250 Quirks


Overclockers Forums - Other AMD Boards. OK, I have one of these and it works well, but has a couple of interesting quirks:
* USB 2.0. When I have my Minolta-Konica Dimage 5400 plugged in and on, the boot sequence will hang. As long as it is off, it works. Seems like there is something bad that happens on power on self test where it is testing something and it hangs when it see this scanner.
* Maxtor DiamondMax 10 300GB isn't recognized. About every other time, when the machine starts, it can't find this drive. Works fine for the Western Digital WD740GD. I think this might actually be related to having a CD in the CD-ROM. I've noticed that when there's a CD in, the CD drive flashes and flashes. Will have to investigate more. I'm guessing that this newer drive has a quirk with the 9/21/04 BIOS since it is so new. I haven't tried their latest.