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AnandTech: December 2004 HTPC Case Roundup. Big thing holding me back from building a home theater PC (htpc) has been a case. Now the Silverstone CS-SST-LC10B-M seems perfect at "$248": from Newegg.
It is just $140 if you don't have the IR remote for the Media Edition software. So this is good for a full sized computer that needs to look like stereo equipment. You'll also want to change the fans out as it is a very noisy 56dB.
The nMediaPC HTPC-100 at "$140": at Newegg. is another option if you can find a good microATX board (see the next post for a Dothan microATX). You have to change the fan out as it is only 60mm or use the Dothan Pentium M so it creates less heat.

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  1. in the conclusion to the article, they say the silverstone case produces 51db, which would be way too loud for an HTPC…. but the earlier part of the article says it’s using quiet case fans? I keep thinking that it’s not worth building a box like this until I can build a fanless one….

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