“ETYCOM”:http://www.i4u.com/section-viewarticle-108.html. Etymotic is now making a headset. Should be very good for noise reduction given its design. The thing works fine with Connie’s 7100t, but just is terrible with hum on my 7290. I don’t know why. Others have recommended it, but doesn’t work for me. Something to do with the connector I think. “Cnet”:http://espn.com.com/4520-6448_7-5144869-3.html liked it too.
They also make a nice looking adapter set that will take proprietary Nokia connections and turn them into standard 3.5mm headsets.
The ER22-20N3 is is just $8 and well worth it since you can use anyone’s headset then. Other useful accessories they have include various cases, filters and shirt clips that you can order online from “Etymotic”:http://etymotic.com/ephp/etycom-acc.asp.

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