AMD Motherboard Recommendations


t-break - MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum. With all the socket 939 boards being out of stock, here's a review of the Neo4. Unfortunately, all the socket 939 motherboards are out of stock right now at the big sellers and are very expensive as quantities are tight. So from safe to bleeding edge, here are (in order your choices):
# If you have to have a board now, then get the DFI LanParty UT, its a socket 754 board, but is available ($109). All prices are or
# The MSI Neo2 is probably the best board for socket 939 and AGP using the older nForce3 chipset. The safe choice is the MSI Neo2 but it is hard to get ($142).
# The newer boards use nForce 4 and PCIExpress. Boards to look at there include the Chaintech VNF4/Ultra at $129 (no reviews yet), the MSI Neo4 ($189) see the above review.
# There are also some bleeding edge boards that do SLI, but the ASUS AN8 SLI for one has got lots of early teething problems. Gigabyte and MSI are also close with their SLI boards. If you are doing this monitor the Anandtech motherboard forum closely to see what bugs people are finding.