I'm so sad, my lovely Sony VAIO VGN-T140P has died. Will hang before it gets to the VAIO splash screen. Trying to call Sony is a lost cause, more succes with their web "chat":
They have a bunch of web things to try including:
* "How to troubleshoot power issues": Basically, there is a reset button that you can try to hit on the back. Also, there is a procedure where you hold the power button for 15 seconds. And, the light sequence tells you alot.
* There are some magic keys to try too, F2 when you boot will show you the BIOS bootup. F5 will do the normal XP alternative startup and F10 will get you to the invisible partition that will reinstall all the startup software and get the machine back to the factory configuration.

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  1. Rich, I’m sorry to hear about your Vaio. One of my concerns when I bought my Vaio TR3AP was availability of service; I didn’t want to send my Vaio into a service center and wait forever to get it back (Memphis doesn’t have a local Sony Service Center). This is one area where Dell clobbers the CE companies.
    In a related topic, a friend’s Powerbook died shortly after purchase, and he was told by the local Apple Store here (where he purchased the computer) that they couldn’t help him and he would have to send it in for service. Eventually, he argued with them and got them to fix it locally.
    Getting service for products under warranty shouldn’t be this hard.

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