Future of Video


isoHunt - IRC and Bit Torrent Search Engine. It must be me, but as I've been to CES and heard about all these electronic program guide, I have to admit for HTPC or PC viewing experience, I'm not sure that I get it.
There seem to be many pretty interfaces that I've tried (Comcast/Gemplus, DirecTV, Dish, OnCommand, etc.), but while this might work for 9 key remotes, for something that is high resolution and also has a keyboard, I'm a little confused why the search metaphor doesn't work.
In fact, I could argue that there are a couple of current Internet user experiences that could be video on deman tomorrow if you are talking PCTv experience (e..g, not distance viewing):
* "Netflix":http://netflix.com. Instead of saying rent the DVD, just download it.
* "ISOHunt":http://isohunt.com. This is just a search engine or maybe the new google video service. It just does searches and then uses a Bit Torrent compatible client like Azureus to do the download.
For me anyway, having a new HTML tag like vod: makes more sense than a custom guide world.
Things are different in the DVR world where you have to work with a limited remote of course. FWIW.