nVidia 6800GT Temperature Monitoring


Well I've got my new Pentium M system up and running and now running benchmarks. Right now, I can overclock it by about 22% so a 1.8GHz Pentium M is running at 2.1GHz right now.
According to Sis Sandra 2004 (I can't get 2005 to run on this machine right now), I'm the equivalent of a 3.6GHz Pentium 4 desktop chip. Wow, that's pretty amazing since this thing uses 20 watts and the CPU temperature is 40 degree C vs. 120 watts and much hotter. It still isn't faster than an Athlon 64 2800+ overclocked to 2.45GHz, but I'm not quite done tweaking the thing.
The main problem is the incredible noise from the graphics card and the fact that the neither the CPU fan seems to temperature control nor does the case fan. Am getting a NV5 Silencer from Arctic Cooling, but the other changes are to install an Arctic Cooling 80mm case fan (easy to do since it the nMediaPC case is perforated at the top and also added a fan voltage control.
So how to tell what the GPU temperature is? Smartfan doesn't do, this you have to use Rivatuner which has a monitoring program, or if you have the latest nVidia driver installed, right click the desktop and go to Display/Advanced/6800GT and select the Temperature monitoring option. My stock fan for the eVGA 6800GT runs at 55 degrees C at idle. I was able to turn down the fan manually to halve the noise volume and stay there.
There doesn't seem to be a utility like SmartFan that automatically changes temperatures under load though.
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just wondering which r the best programs for monitoring your GPU temps