Blown JBL On Stage


[JBL On Stage Problems?] - iPodlounge Forums Archive. Hey you have to be super careful with the JBL On Stage. Basically, you can't just plug your iPod in with the thing turned *ON*. Take my word for it, if you do, then you blow out the On Stage. You have to plug the iPod in and *then* turn the JBL on. Terrible product design.
If you are unlucky like me, then you have to follow the procedure below to get a new one....
They ask you to fax the proof of purchase ( mine was purchased at the Apple store online so I had email confirmations and Visa info). After they receive a fax of this, they will email you an RA number and shipping info. If there is not and RA on your shipping label, it will be denied. It must be shipped U.P.S. ($13.95 from in my case, Seattle, to AZ for repair).
I got no where on the telephone with Harman and JBL phone lines, so I emailed JBL service and support listed on the JBL website. Here's the exact instructions per JBL reply:
"send a fax with your name address, daytime phone number, email address, your bill of sale, and a brief description of your problem. THe fax should be sent to 1888-830-8056 ATTENTION CUSTOMER SERVICE." You will be contacted by a representative within 48 hours."
Within 24 hours I recieved emailed authorization (RA number) from:
with this direct quote:
"For future reference, when you dock your iPod to the Onstage, make sure the Onstage power is turned OFF first. Once the iPod is docked securely, you can turn the unit on. This will prevent any problems from occuring again"
It's easy for someone ( my kids) to dock the iPod with the unit on, especially since the ON light is in the back and out of sight. It's also natural to remove the iPod for better menu viewing and tune selection when playing since there is no remote control. POWER DOWN THE Onstage with every removal or re-dock!
I hope this helps you.