iSCSI for home

Tom’s Hardware Guide Mass Storage: Flexible Data Storage Across Networks: iSCSI put to the Test – Conclusion: Golden Times Ahead For ISCSI. Call me crazy, but the idea of iSCSI in your home seems like an incredibly good idea. The costs are not nearly as high as I would have thought.
iSCSI means embedding the SCSI disk protocol into TCP/IP. With 1Gb Ethernet being so common this is not as crazy as it seems. The benchmarks show that you can get incredibly good performance doing this and it is pretty much all commercially available. That would solve a bunch of storage problems in homes given that all PCs have 1Gb cards these days and 1Gb hubs are getting so cheap.
Adaptec makes a iSCSI to PCI adapter and there is also a 1U server that has room for four iSCSI drives. Interesting.
This is another case where I could see enterprise technology and ideas appearing in homes quite fast.
SANMelody Lite, which is an even more pared-down version costing only $199, makes the decision even easier.

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