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Q. Can I record my satellite provider's HDTV feeds?
A. No you cannot. The satellite vendors employ encryption and use a different signal encoding scheme than OTA or even cable.
Q. Can I record my cable provider's HDTV feeds?
A. Yes and No.
Yes, you can usually record the local feeds that your cable provider carries (ie: Fox, CBS, ABC, UPN,etc.) after all, these are free to the air anyway. To record these channels you will need an HDTV capture card that is compatible with the encoding scheme cable companies use (QAM256). Currently the only cards to work are the Dvico FusionHDTV III QAM, the newer FusionHDTV III Gold-T, and the Sasem USB HDTV
"Digital Connection":http://www.digitalconnection.com/Products/Video/fusion3qt.asp has them for $150