Sumicom choices

Ok “King Young”: makes some super small form factors machines that both “Logic Supply”: and “Cappucinopc”: resell. Here are the choices:
* S615. This is a fanless 6x10x3″ case that has a downclocked Celeron running at 1.33Ghz, so it should be as fast as an Eden, but is slightly bigger than mini-ITX. $495 from Logic Supply with just the processor, so memory, hard disk, optical are extra.
* S625F. This is also fanless but uses the very expensive Dothan Centrino M or Pentium M chips at 6x10x2″. It is $643 from cappucino with a Celeron M 1.3GHz and 128MB memory.
* S620. This has a fan, so is not completely noiseless, but it is super small. $289 barebones from cappucino or $325 from logic supply. It can use any socket 478 processor and is 6x10x3 uses the Intel 865GV chipset. This isn’t such a bad option for me just because I’ve got two spare 478s around, plus memory around from a blown Shuttle.
Net, net, there are two fanless options and one small PC equivalent.

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