NEC 6500A connecotr


NEC ND-6500A 8x4x8x DVD+R/RW 8x4x8x DVD-R/RW 24x16x24x CD-R/RW DL Dual-Layer Slim IDE Optical Burner Drive for Laptops and Notebooks (Black, OEM)
The NEC ND-6500A DVD Burner is compatible with most Notebooks and Laptops. The first thing you will want to ensure is whether your current drive's front bezel has a straight rectangular shape to it and whether the dimensions for the front bezel is: 0.5" (12.7mm) x 5.04" (128mm). The second thing to look for is the small, 50-pin rectangular connector located on the back of the unit. Your current drive should also have this small, rectangular 50-pin connector.
Please note that your current drive may use a special adapter connector (where the 50-pin connector is) and a special mounting frame.
"NEC":DVD / DVD Writer The ND-6500A will be only distributed with "Master" setting.
Both drives ND-5x00A and ND-6x00A will be delivered with a 50-pin (2x25) unsealed plug ( JAE KX15-50ELD1L). The specifications of your notebook will help you to find out if your notebooks connector is compatible to it. Pls. contact in this case the manufacturer or customer service of your notebook.