Summer Camps

There are as many camps as there are kids. Right now, I’d say that you are just missing the summer camp season. The main resource for this is the annual open house at St. Thomas. Was last month though. _You can also find this post at https://tongfamily.com_
Connie’s approach to this BTW is pretty cool. She lets the kids pick three weeks worth of camps and they can thus decide and she tries to get them to pick different things. Try to pick one thing you’ve liked from last time and one thing that is new.
I don’t know the ages of your kids, so maybe I’ll hit the high points for kids 4-10 and which aren’t too expensive:
* “Seattle Zoo Camp”: These are great for the younger kids mainly. They do half and full day. Who wouldn’t love the zoo after all. A good program that’s been running for a while. Not hard to get into. _BTW, can you believe they have the URL
* “Museum of Flight Camp”: This is mainly for boys (not to best sexist, but observational). They do a day long. The kids seem to love the experiments and building a rocket. Lots of different camps. The highlight for older kids is that you can fly a real play and run a space shuttle mission from their NASA look alike
For the more nerdy:
* “Chess Camp”: Believe it or not the average kid ends up loving this. George Orlov runs a great one. Sounds like, why would people want to stay inside, but most kids (again boys) seem to just love it because they play outside, play games, etc.
* “Seattle Camps”: The Seattle city runs the most incredible camps. Alex has done track. Calvin has done golf which he loved. They are more mellow and well run. Montlake for instance has a very strong program. Baseball camp for instance is very fun.
* “SYC Sailing Camp”: More for older kids, but the boys really loved this one. You really sail all the time and it is a wonderful location. It is for members only, but they do allow folks outside to register after the members have their dibs.

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