Just a Ride

_As the kids use the iPod, its interesting to see musical tastes evolve, here mine and Alex’s intersect perfectly with JEM’s Just a ride_ Jem Reviews on Yahoo! Music Finally Woken, Jem’s full-length debut, fleshes out the It All Starts Here EP with six additional tracks. It features the addicting title track, the one that […]

Flexible Date Travel

Flexible Dates. Here is Dad’s tool for flexible travel. YOu just select the length of stay to say San Francisco and then it shows you want the cheapest dates are. Pretty neat. The current lowest fare to San Jose for instance is $144 roundtrip! “Europe Travel”:http://www.expedia.com/daily/vacations/europe/flights-cars.asp?rfrr=-33044. These are their special fares from Seattle to London. […]


It has gotten incredibly complicated (vs. easier) to find the lowest fares. The days of just typing into Expedia are over. Here’s how we do it and ironically, we ended up on Expedia but who knows: * “Expedia”:http://expedia.com. This is the place to start for vacation travel mainly because they let you choose each leg […]

Great Books

Alex has just been reading up a storm. Here are some of his quick reviews of good books to read. He’s been tending towards fantasy and dragons and I have to say these are terrific if not already widely read, here are his most recently read with reviews: * “Artemis Fowl”:http://www.artemisfowl.com/. Actually this should be […]

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