iPod Cases

My dad loves his iPod 20GB 4G so much he uses it all the time, now he just wants a case that won’t blow out the bank. Here are some choices:
* iPodlounge Review: Vaja i-Volution 4G with Wheel Protector, It’s leather and beautiful but cost $60! Great to go with a nice briefcase 🙂
* “Miyavix”:http://ipodlounge.com/reviews_more.php?id=6191_0_6_0_M. Florals design in Kyoto, beautiful. $50
* “Marware Trail Vue”:http://ipodlounge.com/reviews_more.php?id=5886_0_6_0_M. If you can believe it the generic Apple case cost $45, so this one is about the same price and looks much nicer. $35.
* “Marware CEO Classic”:http://ipodlounge.com/reviews_more.php?id=5827_0_6_0_M. This is the leather version of the nylon thing above. $35 also, so a relative bargain.
* “Marware Sportsuit Convertible”:http://ipodlounge.com/reviews_more.php?id=5680_0_6_0_M. Personally, I like the nylon or the neoprene versions.

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