iPod Case Reviews


Playlist Cases. Another review of cases. I like their format at a glance.
They give five stars to these cases (all have a belt clip important for Dad and me):
* Contour Showcase. $40. Rubber and clear plastic.
* Covertec iPod Case, $40. This has a leather cover so not that greaet for instant access but nice leather. Has a belt clip.
* RadTech PodSleevz, $20. This is just microfiber cover to prevent scratches, no belt loop though.
* Speck ToughSkin, $35. This is a heavy duty rubber thingy so when you drop it itthe iPod stay safe. Very bulky though.
* Vaja i-Volution. $50. A slip-on hardshell case.
The one I found through them though is the "Waterfield":http://sfbags.com iPod case for $40. Love that one. And the Altec-Lansing InMotion holder. They are just so clever with bag designs.