Slimpro 620 (aka Sumicom S620) and NEC ND-6500A


Finally getting my really tiny PC (6x10x3") together from "Cappuccino PC": called the SlimPro "SP620": which is really the "Sumicom S620": underneath.
It uses the older Northwood Pentium, so was a good way to still get use out of my old Shuttle SS-51G with a dead motherboard. But, as I assemble it, the slim DVD drive NEC ND-6500A comes up as a slave drive, so off to figure this out but the main problem is that the bezel of the ND-6500A is about 1/4" inch too the left of the opening of the Sumicom S620 so there needs to be a little sawing off to make it work.
* NEC ND-6500A official firmware overview. There is an amazing number of folks who have worked on patching the firmware to allow region-free (any region DVD), riplock (removing the 6x reading limitation on DVDs) and higher performance writing. Here's a good guide.
* "Slave instead of Master": A number of laptops with the ND-6500A come up as slave instead of master, you have to solder two pins together to force the thing into master mode, or with this 120, I think it is because the cable is set to slave or something. 2.24 is latest NEC firmware, if you use version 4.xx, these fool the drive without needing to solder to do reverse-ATA. That is, if the cable says master, actually be the slave.
* "All Firmwares": Check for your DVD drive, but I bet there is a firmware version out there for you.