Scion xB


2004 Scion xB - Test drive and new car review - 2004 Scion xB. _This car is just about everywhere at our school. It sure is practical and I love the price. As Alex says, just about as ugly as sin, but maybe right for Dad. Ironically, it was supposed to be for youth, but middle aged practical folks actually buy it. Much like the Honda Element._
Young, hip and different? Or practical fuel-efficient micro-SUV? When Toyota launched the Scion brand, it intended the xB as the former. But in the year since going on sale, the xB has found a fan base with folks in their mid-30s. Sure, it's shaped like a packing crate, but so are most refrigerators, dressers, and, well, packing crates, all objects designed for maximum space efficiency. Come on, people. Love the box. $13,680 is all. Gets 31-35mpg and comes in a five speed. I'm in heaven!
Only seats five though.