Outlook need DEP off


_Thank goodness for the Internet. I couldn't get Spambayes to work properly. Amazingly, someone found exactly the same problem. I had turned on DEP since I have one machine that is an Athlon 64 and this prevents data execution errors. I'm gathering that Spambayes is probably a bad self-modifying code program or more likely python is bad. I love spambayes and it seems to work pretty well plus it is free._
"Arstechnica":http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20050318-4717.html points out that for some reason, it occurred to me that the Athlon 64's NX-bit support might be causing these applications to have problems when they interact. Once I setup Outlook as an allowed DEP application, the problem stopped, instantly. Furthermore, I could now install SpamBayes, and it works perfectly.