Boogie Boarding


Actually, the technical term is body boarding, since Boogie Board is a trademark. In any case, Amy asked, are there lessons on how to boogie. Of course there are...
How to Bodyboard and Bodyboard Tips Videos. Here are some videos online that explain it.
"": has many more basics. the main one is that you need a set of fins to do it really well. Here are their short lessons:
# Lie belly-down on your bodyboard, and position yourself beyond the breaking waves. As a wave approaches, begin kicking toward the beach so that the wave propels you instead of breaking behind you. At this point, both hands should be on the front of the board.
# Feel the wave begin to carry you along and determine whether you are going to ride to the right or to the left along the wave's face.
# Reposition your hands so that, if you are going left, your right hand is on the rail (the side of the board) while your left hand remains on the front, or vice versa.
# Pull your body up over the front of your board and arch your back so that your chest is over the front of the board and your head is held high.
# Use your outside hand to pull up on the side of the board, causing the wave-side rail of the board to dig into the face of the wave. This will prevent you from sliding down the face of the wave.
# Release the right rail to slide down the face, and dig in again to ride up. Going up and down the face helps you build speed and control.
# Drag your swimming fins (which are a necessity for serious bodyboarding) if you wish to slow down, but otherwise hold them up out of the water.