nvmcp.sys installation


Tong Family Blog: Simcity 4 crashes nVidia Sound drivers. Never could get the latest 4.57 drivers to install because nVidia has no installation instructions.
Hat tip to "Guru3d":http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=938, they have the instructions:
1. Uninstall old AUDIO ONLY drivers via Add/Remove Programs out of the nVidia installation program. Reboot the system.
2. Upon reboot and redetection of a hardware point to the new drivers by extracting the file on the nVidia download site and then when it asks for audio drivers, point to that extracted directory.
3. For now nVMixer is not included, don't know if should be, used the old v1.0 from v6.14 nForce package and this worked, although I never actually use this utility anyway so I think most folks can just ignore it.